The Cooler

Work. Connect. Thrive.

The Cooler Co-working Space in Bellingham is the place for owners, entrepreneurs, and freelancers to grow their businesses with shared office resources and energy and vibe.

Full speed ahead!

The Cooler Co-working Space is filling up fast. All of our Dedicated Desks are taken and the private offices are full. We have one desk in a shared private office available. We are working to expand our capacity by adding more desks in the Lounge. We are maintaining a waiting list and will contact people in order if we have turnover. Good luck!


The Cooler Co-Working Space will celebrate an opening release on June 3 as a launch to Bellingham’s newest creative space in downtown.

The launch event will take place on June 3, from 6:00pm to 10:00pm at 1319 Cornwall Avenue.  Invited guests will be able to tour the space, participate in an interactive Late Nite Art and experience the works of Casey Scalf, of Sensabellum.

The Cooler Co-working Space in Bellingham is the newest space for shared office resources. Owner Ken Mann said, “The Cooler is for entrepreneurs and creatives who want to connect with each other, build their business, and contribute to a stronger community in our downtown core."

Come play with us, and see about relocating your business to Bellingham's most creative urban space for professionals.